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Focus:  building the dancer a strong foundation to use in all styles of dance.  Flexibility, core, stregnth, balance, turns, leaps, proper technique and basic steps. 

Jazz, Lyrical, HipHop, Tap, Contemporary


Learning & exploring various styles.  Attention to the details in choreography.

Concept Group 

Beg-Intermediate 1.0


Mrs. Erin!  Award winning tapper with a heart to work with teens.

All Levels

Explore movement, music, express.  Let go and explore.  

All Ages 

Future Choreographers



  A class developed throughout the 10+ years Anna's been choerographing in ATL, LA and all over the country and even in Hawaii, Germany, and Italy.  All of her insights & tips from on the job experiences are incorporated into the curriculum to develope inspiring choreogphers into successful artists with a head start on harnessing the skills and mindset required to make the best careers in commercial, stage, and competition dance industies.  


Ages 10 & up + Must Audition

Master Classes

Bringing in the real deal...former students like Cat Viger, mentors like Rustin Matthews & local masters to inspire and share their gifts, talents & joy with the next generation. 

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