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  We specialize in building relationships & creating unique opportunities artists & for the dance community.  The concept for the Greenlight Dance Project was born from an idea; a gut feeling; the belief, that the dance studio environment should be a safe haven for students. The studio should be a positive, judgment-free zone, which allows students to nurture their love for dance by receiving quality instruction from teachers who have a true passion for dance education. An environment such as this fosters relationships with a foundation on support, respect and love for not only dance, but for other dancers.


  Within Green Light Dance Project, individuals will find like-minded dancers with a desire to achieve personal growth, while nurturing a sense of community within each studio's walls. Each and every dancer has a different reason why this art form is their passion. Some dancers wish to become employed as performing professionals, others desire to become studio owners themselves, and some merely enjoy the artistic expression of choreography.


   It is Green Light Dance Project’s goal is to help studios, teachers, studio owners, choreographers, film makers & dancers discover their true potential and goals, which is further developed by an individual instruction plan tailored to each member. The ideology behind this foundation is by ensuring that all are receiving individual attention, it helps to build a stronger dance community & team environment.  Helping to create amazing team players. We believe at Green Light Dance Project that quality instruction, tools, support & innovation is an area we can help make a positive impact in the dance world.


  The goal is to provide our members with the tools to help them become successful individuals for whatever life plan our artist has.  


  Artists are encouraged to create and express their own visions, while also being able to assist in the expression of others’ ideas. Coupling the self-esteem each artist gains with the strong foundation of solid technique provided by all studio instructors and guest instructors employed by Green Light Dance Project, our artists will shine from the inside out.

Artists Come Together on set at Alliance.

Madison Bryan Assistant Choreographer

Cosmic Love

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Maleah Johnson Photography

Edited by Anna M. Bohnenkamp

Director Anna on Teaching

Interview with Director Anna M. Bohnenkamp

Running Time: 2:30 min

By Joy Bohnenkamp & Brynn Davenport

Learn more about our director Anna M. Bohnenkamp.  Anna talks about her experiences & beliefs as a teacher, dancer, artist & the roles and influence we have as teachers in the lives of young dancers.  

Lauren Callaway

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NRG's Rustin & Emma

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 2:30 min

Directed by Ashley Harper | Edited by Anna M. Bohnenkamp

Some rough edit footage from our October shoot with Rustin Matthew & featured dancer Emma Bradley.

Brutal Hearts Preview

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 2:30 min

Director of Photography Ashley Harper | Edited by Anna

This video was produced by GL with award winning & internationally recognized choreographer,  Gustavo Vargas in collaboration with Anna M. Bohnenkamp for improv PSA concept.

Director of Photography:

Ashley Harper

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